3 Biggest Business Blog Blunders

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Much like a gallon of milk past its prime, a business blog that fails to excite can be sniffed out immediately. We notice in a matter of sentences if something just isn’t right. It smells bad. It seems stale or awkward. The first few sentences ring phony. The point of the piece seems jumbled. In order to create fresh and tasty blogs, we need to examine the blogging bacteria that cause our content to curdle.

The biggest offender in business blogs is bunk content. We find that content suffers usually from one of two problems: Either it is so dry that it reads as if it was written by some 93-year-old biology teacher, or the content is so scattered it fails to be coherent. Nobody says that you can’t be both informative and entertaining. In fact, we encourage this kind of behavior. Good business blogs unleash the details of your latest services and products while revealing some of your personality and warmth. Brands that people go crazy for speak distinct languages consumers respond to.

The second fatal business blog mistake is not being in touch with the audience. Too many blogs have zero interaction or response with their readers. This is a shame because comment sections, although often littered with spammer nonsense, can provide insight into who the folks behind the receipts really are and what they want. By encouraging conversation on our blogs we are opening an invaluable door to customer contact.

Finally, our third blogging snafu is the common problem of updating. Staying current with content is an issue which nobody wants to cop to but one we’ve all wrestled with. The task of blogging every day in theory seems exhausting and too large. But staying up to date and fresh is the key for growing a readership. Plus there are solutions to make sure your blog doesn’t turn into a one-man band. Easy ways to take the load off include infusing your blog with guest bloggers who have an established readership, posting videos which are relevant and entertaining for your audience and enlisting the help of content professionals (like the good people at Brandsplat). Blog freshness takes small daily tasks that pay off big over time.

Now we want to engage you, savvy readers. Tell us your blogging secrets in the comments section below!

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