140 Characters: How to Best Utilize Them

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140 Characters: How to Best Utilize Them

There has been some debate lately about just how effective Twitter is as a business marketing tool. Though Twitter may be free to use, many companies pay a social media management company to monitor their account and they do not want to pay for something that does not get them results. Keeping this in mind, here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of your Twitter followers.

Engage Your Followers

This is true for any social media outlet. Twitter is not simply another billboard that you post on the side of the road. Instead, it is an interactive platform that can really help to establish a sense of connection. When using Twitter for business, make sure to ask questions, respond to other tweets, and retweet quotes or comments that fit your brand.

Ask for the Retweet

Speaking of retweets, don’t be afraid to ask for one yourself. If you post an observation, simply put something like “RT if you agree” at the end. Using the word “retweet” or simply abbreviating “RT” greatly increases the likelihood that your post will get shared.

Watch Out for Broken Tweets

Twitter didn’t just randomly pick the 140-character limit. The system was based on text messaging, and the idea is to get brief thoughts and communications across in a quick and simple fashion. Don’t try to string together a longer idea by posting multiple tweets. This will often lead readers to only see one part of your tweet and become extremely confused. If your idea can’t fit in 140 characters, leave it for another channel.

Learn About Hashtags

Hashtags are how you get discovered on Twitter. Find out more about hashtags, which ones might apply to your tweet, and also consider the trending topics provided by Twitter. Using relevant hashtags will get you much more exposure than simply tweeting without.

Use Links

Sharing links to your website will not only help draw in traffic, but it will also help enhance your SEO strategy. If you share links within your 140-word limit and have it retweeted, then your link is appearing over and over again, which can be a powerful tool to enhance your web presence.

As a business owner, your job when talking with a prospective social media management company is to make sure that they follow and understand these concepts. If they do, you can feel secure that they are using each of those 140-character gems to enhance your brand and ensure that you are getting the most out of Twitter. If not, you may want to reconsider your options.

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